Last Year Billie Eilish Seems to Stress Out With The Fame, Unlike This Year 2019

Through this year’s installment of her Time Capsule video interview recently with Vanity Fair, Eilish talks about the celebrities she thinks are the nicest and how she really feels about being really famous now.

Throwback to the Eilish’s Vanity Fair interview, where the pop-star seems unhappy or even stressful with the fame that she made so far, but this year, Eilish looks much happier and all we can say she’s actually love the fame as much as being happy. In 2017, when it was the first time that Eilish first sat down with Vanity Fair, she was actually just 15-years-old. By that time, she was coming off her first brush with success through her single, “Ocean Eyes” and just getting ready to record a debut album.

While in 2018, Vanity Fair again interviewed her by made her revisited the footage from the 2017 interview, and she’s even shocked by what has changed in her life just within a year. During that time, she was getting ready to release When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? and she spoke frankly about stress and anxiety that she was feeling in the run-up to being her right now.

Back in the recent interview, for the third time in three years, Eilish sat down for the third installment on the series of October 18 this year. She confirmed that she had the best-selling album of the year, garnered up over 40 million social media followers and proud of her status as she becoming such a great phenomenon nowadays.

For this time around, Eilish appeared to be more fresh and matured. “Back then I thought it was the biggest I was ever gonna be, and I thought it was the most I was ever gonna be recognized, and it was the most anyone was gonna know me. It was the most money that I would have, the most clothes I’d have, the most shoes that I’d have, and what’s crazy is, it wasn’t,” told Eilish on October 18, 2019, series.

Eilish even admitted that while she went to Trader Joe’s just to be safe, but this year she said that he even tried it and it wasn’t a success. “Success is not how well people know you, it’s how you’re looked at,” said Eilish in the interview this year. Through the third year in the music industry and being famous, Eilish can see the difference in how fame life changed her and her life, including knowing famous people. 

In 2017, the most famous person that she ever had contact in her phone was her ‘homie’ Khalid, but in 2019, she feels grateful to know a whole slew of famous people in the industry. She even praised Drake for being nice to her even though he doesn’t have to be. She’s really glad that 2019 really make her life full of happy things happen in her life.

Eilish also highlighted about happiness in her life, saying, “The most important thing right now probably would be maintaining my happiness, which I’ve been experiencing for the first time in many years now.” She even stated that she’s now getting used to the attention that she gets from the fans and media all around the world. “I like being famous. It’s very weird, but it’s very cool,” she said.

Well, it’s true that within a year, there’s going to be so many changes that we will see in a person. Either it’s bad or good, everything can change and it is just a matter of time.

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