Avatar 2 Concept Graphic Looks So Real Even Better Than The First

Even though the movie was first released a decade ago, but up until last year, Avatar was recorded the highest grossest film of all time which is quite impressive.

However, it was knocked off its top spot by Avengers: Endgame movie in summer 2019, but that doesn’t mean that the director, James Cameron is taking the news lying down. You know why? Because the long-awaited sequel is right now in the works of making, with the concept of art and graphic for Avatar 2 looking even better than the first one. 

During the 2020 CES convention that took place in Las Vegas on January 6th,  Cameron made an appearance there where he unveiled the new concept art images for the sequel. The pieces which were later shared online via social media gave everyone the first look at our return to Pandora. It is showcasing the new tropical islands, green forests and new water creatures. 

The images shared by the official account of Avatar tweeted “In the #Avatar sequels, you won’t just return to Pandora – you’ll explore new parts of the world. Check out these brand new concept art pieces for a sneak peek at what’s to come.”

Unfortunately, the trailer is still a long long way to go but the shared images at least give us a slight insight into what we can expect next year which is when the film is expected to be released. The sequel currently titled Avatar: The Way of Water. 

This time around, Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana will be returning for the sequel. The stars were starred in the 2009 blockbuster hit movie, along with Sigourney Weaver and Stephen Lang. Before this Cameron revealed what audiences can expect from the highly secretive sequel. It is also including a mention of Jake and Neytiri are still together and have their own daughter who is eight-year-old in the sequel. 

In Avatar 2, it will also introduce the Metkayina, a new Na’vi clans ruled by Tonowari who is played by Cliff Curtis as well as what producer Jon Landau called the future generation of Pandora.

This future generation includes Javier ‘Spider’ Socorro who is played by Jack Champion, a human child born at the Hell’s Gate military complex, which is Jake Sully’s children and the children of the Metkayina. 

Based on the earlier glimpses at the film’s teases images, showing the Sea Dragon, described as a massive mothership that carries an array of other sea-going craft. The film of Avatar 2 is set to hit cinemas on December 18, 2021. Looking at the images shared looks like it’s going to be the hit film in 2021. We’ll see.

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