IFAA all set to take off in India

Kezban Klein, Director, IFAA-India

The International Fitness and Aerobics Academy (IFAA) is a well-known academy for personal trainers, instructors, gym managers, business owners and fitness enthusiasts, based in Germany.

With more than 30 years’ experience in fitness, aerobics and management solutions and certification across Europe, it is making its debut as IFAA-India, through its three-day Convention and Congress alongside bodyLIFE-IFW Expo.

Beginning 2015, IFAA-India will offer regularly congresses and conventions and large education and training programmes for aspirants and working professionals – trainers, business owners, facility managers and potential investors – in the burgeoning Indian fitness industry.

It will organise practical, useful and relevant programmes in facility management, sales, customer

acquisition and retention, product innovation and branding. Its qualifications and international certification will assist people in making successful careers in the fitness industry, anywhere in the world.

At the IFW Expo, where IFAA-India will officially launch its India operations, there will be abundant networking possibilities and opportunities to take a look at its 90-odd programmes, already tried and tested in Europe.

It will begin operations in January with day-long workshops and 6-month courses in A, B & C Trainer, Group Fitness and aerobics certification  that is globally recognised. There will be qualification workshops in kettlebell, suspension training, FMS, core and functional training.

Other courses pertain to qualifications in nutrition, Labocca, Pilates, Pilardio and indoor cycling.

IFAA’s Master Trainers at IFW Expo

Kiran Kumar:
What does IFAA mean to you personally?
IFAA is a international brand which will help improve the standards of training in the fitness industry in India. Fitness is a vast world, with loads to learn on the go. I expect IFAA to keep me updated on new inventions in the market.

What are your expectations from IFAA-India?

I would expect IFAA to provide cutting edge knowledge, which trainers lack in India.

Why is it important for a trainer to attend IFAA’s first convention in Mumbai?
It is a great opportunity for trainers to know what they can learn, and interact with master trainers whom they can trust on future courses.

How will s/he benefit from IFAA’s certification at the convention?
IFAA certification is not just theory, it’s a blend of practical and theory knowledge, which will help trainers understand and implement in their training programs.

What would you recommend to a trainer in India?
I would recommend trainers to attend IFAA courses as it is convenient. At the same time you will be certified internationally.

What special health advice or tip do you have for your customer?
There is one life to lead. If health and fitness is your priority, then train with the best and be the best!

Jasmin Waldmann:

What does IFAA mean to you personally?
My Pilardio team and I know IFAA already from Germany. We’re in close contact with in connection with education, training and trainer conventions. Now IFAA is going to operate in India too. I can’t wait to be more involved in changing the world of fitness in India.

What are your expectations from IFAA-India?

I want to see IFAA as a international brand name  in India, and I want to be a big part of it! The demand here is very high and it is important to give professional and market-proven education and performance. With international certification, trainers can be easily spotted for their high standard of education.

Why is it important for a trainer to attend IFAA’s first Convention in Mumbai?
The world is changing: what was right yesterday is today even better! Quality and knowledge makes the difference. The best ideas can rub off on you at a convention of this kind. One even knows and feels the difference.

Soon the market (gyms and end customers) will be more aware of what makes a great trainer. Old knowledge will soon be obsolete. That’s why trainers and instructors have to see what the West is doing about fitness content and training. At the IFAA Convention in Mumbai, this will be possible.

How will one benefit from IFAA’s certification at the Convention?

Trainers must watch the latest trends. They have to keep themselves updated with new techniques. Since we trainers are very communicative people, we need to connect and exchange ideas. That way we grow together!

What would you recommend to trainers in India?
Never stop learning and be curious. Question yourself and your knowledge from time to time, to keep you updated. Communicate and discuss with other trainers and your teachers/ mentors. Learn from the best: do not compromise on education and knowledge.

What special health advice or tip do you have for your customers?

Ha-Ha, so many! We can begin with being honest with ourselves, try to understand our bodies and minds; then figure out our personal needs and desires, along with our limitations.

We then set proper goals and work towards them. We should divide our big target into small ones, so that they become easier to achieve. We should also get out of our comfort zones and strive that much more. We must live our lives for ourselves, not for others.

Sandeep Sachdev:

What does IFAA mean to you personally?
Till a few years ago, I never knew what fitness meant. Then the Big Happening Moment: winning the ‘Biggest Loser’ challenge on reality TV! It changed my life to such an extent that to me fitness is like breathing; it is my form of meditation.
One of the main reasons I have become a part of the fitness industry is to educate everyone on how easy it is to remain fit; on how dieting means eating, not starving!

IFAA is taking me closer to that dream of educating people and trainers, which would add a special dimension to their knowledge on fitness. Losing weight was a dream come real; but now it is a reality I am living!

What are your expectations from IFAA-India?
In the years to come I see myself as one of the best motivational speakers across the world. IFAA-India would surely add big value by giving me international exposure. Getting certification from IFAA would be the highlight of my fitness CV.

Why is it important for a trainer to attend IFAA’s first Convention in Mumbai?

Fitness conventions have just been introduced in India in the last year or so. Earlier, one would have to invest in going abroad. IFAA coming to India would give a chance to all trainers: especially those who want to educate themselves, but don’t have the financial muscle to travel abroad.

IFAA is now bringing the best Master Trainers from across the globe! From a trainer’s point of view, attending the Mumbai Convention would be a very small but smart investment to seek market-recognized education. In this industry, learning leads to more earning.

How will s/he benefit from IFAA’s certification at the Convention?

Anything new is always welcome, and if you want to be in the race you have to be a part of it. You have to keep yourself updated with knowledge and trends on what’s happening and what’s working constantly, not only for your clients but even for yourself. Personally, I love to learn more, and that’s the biggest benefit from IFAA’s certification.

What would you recommend to a trainer in India?
It is very important to stick to the basics of fitness. Unfortunately, trainers tend to focus on advanced forms of training and learning techniques but ignore the basics. That in turn confuses their clients. A good trainer is one who can make his/her clients learn the basics of fitness and always act as their biggest motivational tool.

What special health advice or tip do you have for your customer?

The word BMR (basal metabolic rate) and it’s understanding vis-a-vis nutrition and exercise changed my life. I can make a hundred presentations to a hundred people in a day, and I will talk about it with the same passion, because BMR is the only way to fitness.

Whether you are a beginner or at the highest stage of fitness, make sure you know what BMR is, and how it applies to your fitness. Whenever you start your journey in fitness, understand the concept of BMR. It will change your life forever!

Meet IFAA’s ambassadors in India

Wanitha Ashok:

Trained instructor & owner of
Moving Body aerobics studio in Bangalore

Why is Fitness important to you?
Fitness is about being independent. It improves the quality of life, confidence and self-image. Most importantly it prevents, cures and controls lifestyle diseases and it is anti-aging.

Do you exercise?
Yes, just like I never forget to brush my teeth each day. Being an aerobics instructor I get to exercise with my students. I take three classes a day, focusing on cardio, weight training and flexibility segments.

Why did you agree to become an ambassador for IFAA?
It’s my honour to have been appointed as an ambassador for IFAA. It is a continuation of the responsibility which I have taken upon myself to promote fitness. IFAA now gives me a bigger platform to reach out to more people.

What are your expectations from IFAA-India?
A lot depends on trainers: well being of society, offering injury-free training, getting people strong and fit, making them return to exercise everyday. I expect IFAA to offer the right knowledge, guidance and cutting edge training.

Irshad Ahmed:

President, Irshad’s
Property Matters, Bangalore

From childhood, I have been interested in sports. I was quite active in Indian karate, and held the title of state champion. I used to participate in state and national-level Kumite. In 1984, I suffered a spinal injury and ligament tear of the knees while playing cricket and badminton. I had to give up all my sports activities. That is when I started swimming and weight training to keep myself fit.

Fitness is important in our lives: being healthy and fit gives us a positive frame of mind to deal with all challenges in life, be it work, in sports or in business. I’m glad IFAA has come to India under your leadership. IFAA can bring awareness of the importance of fitness among people who need guidance and training.

A trainer must know...

  • Myofascial Training : The concept of  Myofascial release is to increase flexibility by the general decrease of muscular adhesions (knots). This increases athletic performance and helps prevent athletic injury.
  • Assisted Stretch : The fastest and most effective way known to increase muscle flexibility, combining passive and isometric stretching. Check out just how highly effective it is!
  • Move & Prep : ‘Movement Prep’ exercise come from performance training expert Mark Verstegen. It challenges the core to get strong and the joints to open up with more functional mobility.  Designed as a “dynamic” warm-up, it prepares your clients to move better.
  • Manual Resistance : It allows you to have productive training sessions without having to rely on any equipment. Performed properly, it can maximally stimulate improvements in muscular strength and endurance. It will be the most intense training you have done, if you are willing to push yourself to and beyond your limits!
  • Plyometrics : Also known as jump training, it is a training technique designed to increase explosive muscular power. Fast movements require high-level coordination, reactivity and agility to produce power when the time comes.
  • MetCon : Metabolic conditioning refers to exercises intended to increase storage and delivery of energy for any activity. An added benefit is the increase of resting metabolism and caloric burn for a few hours after the workout, because of increased EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption).
  • Pilardio : Pilates meets Cardio! All Pilardio exercises are done standing, supported by fantastic rhythms. Posture, fun, body tension, peace of mind and movement are in the foreground.















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