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‘Strongest’ Indian coming your way soon

India is all set for another reality  TV show that will grab a lot of eyeballs. But, instead of family dramas or daredevil stunts, it is serious business: that of popularising, promoting, encouraging and rewarding strength.

Its organisers, K11 Fitness Academy, NeuLife Nutrition, Your Fitness Club chain of gyms and Media World expect to get the concept off the floor and into gyms and fitness studios within the next four months.

Titled ‘Strongest Indian’, the organisers will hold elimination rounds in soon-to-be-designated cities in North, South, East and West India, to narrow the field to eight men and women from each region for the finals. While the zonals will be held indoors in gyms, the final is slated to be held in an open air setting in Goa.

The zonals and elimination rounds will be broadcast over YouTube and on television, according to K11 Director, Kaizaad Capadia. These will be conducted over a month, with contestants being selected on the basis of their performance in dead lifts, squats, bench press and overhead lifts.

Once the elimination is complete, the TV cameras and action will shift to Goa, where the finalists will have to undertake several tasks:
•   Boulder lift: carrying an intimidating weight with a smooth object. Kaizaad warns: “It isn’t as easy as it looks. Such lifting is very tricky and involves proper technique.”
•   Car flips: after the obvious tipping over a car, contestants have to run with the shell of the car over a designated distance.
•   Vehicle pulling: either a bus or a truck (not necessarily empty!) is handed over to each contestant to pull over a pre-designated distance and time.
•   Farmer’s walk: involves carrying heavy weights over a certain distance and time, over an undulating course.

Kaizaad wants to add local flavour to the final event by arranging contests that would reflect Goan culture: carrying beer/wine kegs, pulling a ship’s anchor over a sandy beach, pulling boats into a jetty, etc.

But why embark on such an “event”ful journey? Kaizaad notes: “India is witnessing a fitness revolution. Marathons have become hugely popular, attracting corporate sponsorships and celebrities alike. But running is mainly about endurance. We want to promote strength, and there is no dearth of talent in this aspect of fitness in the country. We want to highlight and reward the strong among us.”

For details of the entries and competition schedules, watch this space in future issues of bodyLIFE-India!



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