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The FlexStrider variable-stride trainer lets exercisers change stride length on the fly and choose a workout that feels the most natural. The smooth motion of the variable-stride trainer feels more like running or jogging than any other similar product. The FlexStrider trainer is easy to use and inviting for exercisers looking for a total-body, low-impact workout. Choose the SI-TV console for integrated TV.

The Discover SI tablet console features a 10-inch LCD touch screen with an abundance of entertainment options like Internet connectivity, Lifescape interactive courses and interaction with the LF connect app and other popular third-party fitness apps.

Exercisers can choose the workout that is right for them with the FlexStrider Trainer. Users can change their stride length up to 36 inches instantly, adding variety to a total-body workout.

Life Fitness has been producing cross-trainers for nearly 20 years. Two decades of bio-mechanic testing have helped create an elliptical path that feels more like natural running or jogging than any similar product in the fitness industry.

Enhance the cardio experience with four colour options: Arctic silver, titanium Storm, black Onyx or Diamond white. Other features:

  • Extensive research has developed an extremely smooth, natural feeling motion regardless of stride length
  • At-your-fingertips resistance controls are located on the moving arms to easily adjust intensity without disrupting the workout
  • FitPower display combines speed, resistance and stride length to determine the total energy output of the user
  • Oversized pedals so that users can adjust foot position comfortably, and narrow pedal spacing (6.3 cm) minimizes lateral hip shifting. The pedals are just 22 cm high, which makes getting on and off extremely easy.

Features that fitness facility owners can utilize for ultimate customization:

  • Go the extra mile: Favourite websites, popular TV channels, plus workouts you create just for your gym. You can offer a one-of-a-kind experience by giving users unique content and entertainment that is truly more personal, informative and inspiring
  • Brand your equipment with your gym’s identity. Create a custom scrolling message that informs users about services and programs. Updating your content is easy and allows you to keep exercisers up-to-date, every day
  • Keep tabs on usage data, Internet connectivity and extended reporting features that allow you to run things more smoothly. Plus, you can perform equipment software updates online, so you can easily upgrade and expand content over time
  • Keep users connected with open browsing they can personalize. They can edit website selections and create favourites with LF connect
  • Exercisers can log in via smart phone, PIN, USB drive or RFID and see your gym’s personalized content. They can connect with friends, personal trainers or groups through ‘My Community’ or other social platforms to motivate and challenge them. Users can link to their personal trainers or set-up customized workouts through LF connect
  • Experience interactive, high-definition workouts like never before. Enjoy Life cape’s immersive outdoor adventures where the scenery keeps pace with the exerciser and the equipment incline and resistance changes with the terrain.


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