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PowerMill Climber elevates workouts

Cardio fitness

Sure Step System (S3) technology, driven by an extremely reliable AC motor, ensures a smooth motion and a high level of durability. When compared to similar products, the PowerMill Climber has the smallest footprint and the largest usable step space in the industry.

It allows for both high- and moderate-intensity workouts and is designed to be inviting for users all fitness levels. The Discover SE Tablet Console features a 16-inch LCD touch screen with an abundance of entertainment options like integrated TV, Internet connectivity, Lifescape interactive courses and interaction with the LF connect app and other popular third-party fitness apps.

The PowerMill Climber has the smallest footprint among similar products in the industry. Modular panels make internal access easy for service professionals. The AC motor is extremely reliable and offers smooth transitions between 25 speed levels (from 12 to 185 steps per minute).

PowerMill Climber enhances the cardio experience with four colour options: Arctic silver, titanium Storm, black Onyx or Diamond white. The MaxBlox steps is 205 inches of usable step space, and anti toe-pinch design for extremely secure footing.

The multiple modular panels make maintenance easy, and an interior protective panel shields internal components from liquids. The start/stop and speed controls on the hand grips make it easy to adjust intensity without disrupting the workout.

Facilities control the experience. Explore the features facility owners can utilize for ultimate customization:

  • Go the extra mile: Favourite websites, popular TV channels, plus workouts you create just for your facility. You can offer a one-of-a-kind experience by giving users unique content and entertainment that’s truly more personal, informative and inspiring.
  • Or step up the game band by branding your equipment with your gym’s identity. Create a custom scrolling message that informs users about services and programs. Updating your content is easy and allows you to keep exercisers up-to-date, every day.
  • Stay on top of what helps make your facility tick: keep tabs on usage data, Internet connectivity and extended reporting features that allow you to run things more smoothly. Plus, you can perform equipment software updates online, so you can easily upgrade and expand content over time.
  • Keep users connected with open browsing they can personalize. They can edit website selections and create favourites with LF connect
  • Exceed expectations by permitting users to log in via smart phone, PIN, USB drive or RFID and see your facility’s personalized content. They can connect with friends, personal trainers or groups through ‘My Community’ or other social platforms to motivate and challenge them. Users can link to their personal trainers or set-up customized workouts through LF connect.
  • Give them the world! California, Europe, Africa... Experience interactive, high-definition workouts like never before. Enjoy Lifescape’s immersive outdoor adventures where the scenery keeps pace with the exerciser and the equipment incline and resistance changes with the terrain.


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