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Infectious enthusiasm!

The first IFAA congress and convention by IFAA-India, which was only founded a few months ago last year, took place alongside the debut of bodyLIFE IFW Expo (9-11 October) in Mumbai. Its motto is ‘Sustainability in the fitness and health club industry’.

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A queue of enthusiastic trainers and instructors were already standing in front of the entrance at the opening, who were all individually and personally greeted by the IFAA team. IFAA-India, had spared no costs or effort, and had also flown in first-class Master Trainers from New York, Latin America, Europe and Australia, in addition to their own qualified Master Trainers in the country.

The IFAA trainers were welcomed by participants even before the convention began, in a manner befitting real rock stars: there were numerous photo-shoots with participants, and the Master Trainers even had to sign autographs after the event!

The Master Trainers performed the very innovative programme planned by the IFAA directors to the highest quality and presented topics that were new to the Indian market; among them mini-band training, myofascial training and assisted stretching.

Labooca and acrobatic yoga were also successfully launched in the Indian market at this event. IFAA-India as a training and business consulting academy started its work at the launch of the convention.

IFAA-India’s congress for fitness studio owners and managers was just as well received. IFAA’s approach of providing Indian fitness centre operators with many basics for their business was very popular. Even the owners of India’s major fitness chains were present and showed great respect for all those involved in the congress.

It was a successful concept by organisers of the bodyLIFE IFW Expo to integrate the convention into the trade show. IFAA-India is looking forward to implementing the company’s mission statement: raising fitness levels to new dimensions.

Annual programme
It will introduce C and B trainer licences personally fine-tuned to the Indian market by an IFAA shareholders and sports scientist, Martin Klein. These license programmes, designed according to European standards, have been fine-tuned for the Indian market and will be delivered from March onwards in Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai.
Among IFAA-India’s international education and certifications to be launched in 2015 are:

* Fitness Trainer C Licence (IFAA Fitness Trainer) 
* Fitness Trainer B Licence (International IFAA Fitness Trainer)
* Personal Trainer I (IFAA Personal Trainer)
* Personal Trainer II (International IFAA Personal Trainer)
* Group Exercise Instructor C Licence (IFAA GX Instructor)
* GX Instructor B Licence (International IFAA GX Instructor)
* Nutrition Coach (International IFAA Nutritionist)

Among the workshops planned for the year 2015 are those on  Kettlebell & Suspension training, Core & Functional training, FMS & PT Techniques, Laboocca, Pilates, Pilardio and Indoor Cycling.

It will also conduct sales and management workshops on leadership training, NPS, communication skills and sales process.

Besides, there will be events, conventions, consultancy and online consulting on an ongoing basis. For details visit

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Alexander Pfitzenmeier, Managing Director, IFAA
“I experienced really emotional moments at the congress. There was wild dancing and singing in the corridors during the breaks, participants flung their arms round my neck and thanked me. Trainers covered 1,000 km on motorbikes to be able to experience the event. We are proud of the new company and partnership in India. I don’t regret for one second being able to work on developing this powerful market. We are all looking forward to the experiences that await us.”

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Kezban Klein, Director, IFAA-India
“I am overwhelmed; there are no words to describe this first IFAA Convention. After several months of hard work and doubts the event was incredibly, and unexpectedly, well received! 600 participants from all over the country travelled several thousand kilometres by plane, bus, train or motorbike and met us with simply unbelievable and incomparable enthusiasm. Massive thanks to the master trainers; and thank you to all who attended.”

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