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Star Trac, the company that has introduced innovative products like the TreadClimber, Max Rack and eSpinner, has created a commercially designed, robust, yet sleek and stylish air resistance bike: the Turbo Trainer.

This exciting new bike simultaneously delivers an upper and lower body workout through a distinctive isokinetic resistance mechanism that matches the user’s effort level. The faster the rider pedals, the more air is dispersed by the flywheel, creating a dynamic, motivating and uniquely challenging workout experience.

Air displacement technology is not new. In fact, it is a proven modality that has been around for decades in physical therapy studios, home gyms and fitness centres.

Because it offers isokinetic resistance and high resistance in short bursts of work, air bikes have regained popularity as a great complement to CrossFit style programmes, sports performance training, or high intensity interval training (HIIT).

But the air bike that the industry knows is typically built for low-use facilities or home gyms, meaning it is not durable or reliable enough to go into the average fitness facility or high use performance centre.

Star Trac listened to its customers and seized the opportunity to take a popular piece of fitness equipment and make it stronger, so that it works in any fitness setting – from a high-traffic health club to an elite performance centre with a full commercial warranty to back its reliability.

Redesigning an icon

The air bike as we knew it got the royal treatment. The new Star Trac Turbo Trainer went through the entire Star Trac development process from the ground up. Starting with the air resistance flywheel, the company found ways to make the bike more durable through hours of testing, employing high quality, commercial-caliber parts, and putting the new bike through the same design platform process that the entire family of Star Trac cardio goes through before being made available for purchase.

Star Trac took the time to watch how people interact with the product, observing how exercisers like to use it and understanding what programmes or features would make it more appealing to a larger segment of exercisers.

After many different design ideas and experimenting with feature options that add value to the product, it was decided that user feedback was a key component. Each Turbo Trainer comes standard with a console that shows real-time data like time elapsed, distance, kilo-calories, revolutions per minute, and telemetric heart rate (when combined with a chest strap), offering insight into the results and progress that matter most to exercisers.

Design for all

Because air bikes have a legacy in the industry, their popularity expands beyond fitness and home gyms. Air bikes are popular in rehabilitation settings and in recent years have exploded in popularity in high performance training facilities.

For the Turbo Trainer to be successful, it is needed to work as well for the rehab patient as it did for the elite athlete. So the Star Trac product development team went back to look at what users, physiotherapists, and performance trainers need from the new bike.

The end result is a set of features whose value spans all audiences. For those with a lower body injury, there are large, comfortable foot platforms for stable foot placement in order to focus on an upper-body-only workout. For the fitness and performance profession the total body workout is the primary outstanding benefit.

The product also needed to meet facility operator requirements before it could be launched into the marketplace. Because it was designed to be part of the Star Trac family of cardio products, it has that distinctly sleek and stylish Star Trac look with smooth curves, a cool grey frame, and red accents.

Small footprint

It has also been designed to withstand the stresses placed on it by exercisers of any fitness level in any fitness setting, and it comes complete with a full commercial warranty to back it up. That means it has the same protection as any other piece of Star Trac commercial cardio equipment.

Additionally, the Turbo Trainer offers a robust workout in a compact footprint that is self-powered and easy to move, making it easy to place anywhere there is a need for it.

After hundreds of hours of testing and making changes based on results before testing some more, the Turbo Trainer is now ready for anything a fitness facility can throw at it.

The Turbo Trainer truly offers something for everyone. It is a motivating, challenging workout as a stand-alone cardio option. It is a perfect complement to interval training, because the user determines the level of resistance and it offers maximum challenge in a short burst of energy.

It also works in any rehabilitation setting because it allows for upper and lower body exclusive workouts, sure to help any patient regain his/her physical fitness and mobility.

Star Trac is represented in India by Trinity HealthTech (


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