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The new ‘favourite’ in the gym

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The Overseas Development Institute (ODI), a leading independent think tank, found that a worrying number of Indians are overweight or obese, which means one in three adults is now overweight or obese.

It is recognised that weight loss is the key motivation behind regular member attendance and it is that desire to keep that extra weight off which is a common goal for both men and women. With the high levels of media interest in obesity issues and its growing trend, the demand for effective weight-loss solutions for members is also rising.

So it is up to the gym/club to provide the best fitness equipment it can for effective weight loss in order to meet the expectations of its members and strengthen its  proposition to attract and retain high membership levels.

But what do gym/club members want? A varied, total-body workout that results in fast and effective weight loss. One such piece of fitness equipment that has been proven to deliver significant weight loss results is the new Adaptive Motion Trainer (AMT) from Precor, innovators of the first elliptical cross-trainer.

The AMT has been a hit with exercisers: a survey showed that 45% of gym members said the AMT has become their new “favorite machine”. A user can climb, cycle, jog or run without ever changing machines. Meanwhile, it is possible to burn up to 1,200 calories per hour. With the pre-programmed workout, a user could exercise everyday for 20 years without ever repeating a routine!

The AMT has unique “user-defined” motion, which enables users to naturally adjust their stride length, speed and direction without the need to push buttons or change settings. Users can climb with deep lunges, walk with short strides or run with long strides, all in one total- body, zero-impact workout that delivers superior fitness results.

The AMT offers a new level of workout customization and demonstrates a gym’s determination to provide cutting-edge solutions to its members.

The AMT delivers enhanced benefits, compared to most other cardio fitness equipment, which translates into a more challenging workout. The zero impact on joints means that it is safe to exercise for longer and harder on the AMT, producing faster results and improving cardio-respiratory fitness.

The AMT is perfect for any fitness level, whether the user is a beginner or a seasoned athlete.

Precor is represented in India by Gympac Fitness (



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