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With 79 exhibitors, more than 50 brands and 2,500 visitors, India’s first B2B trade show was welcomed by fitness and wellness industry sellers and consumers alike.

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The debut of India’s first B2B trade fair on Fitness Training Equipment, Wellness and Sports Nutrition has set a benchmark for the industry in the country. bodyLIFE-promoted Expo-2014 was held at the Bombay Exhibition Centre, Goregaon, from 9 to 11 October.

If one were to go by the responses and endorsements coming in from exhibitors and visitors alike, the debut of the annual show was not only successful, but also set a benchmark for future trade shows in the fitness and health care industry.

The objective of the Expo was to provide a platform that would catalyze the growth of the fitness industry by engaging the entire fitness ecosystem and driving it towards becoming an organized sector.

According to Mr. Mohan Gupta, Managing Director of Gympac Fitness (representing Precor), the fitness industry is growing at a runaway pace. Its country-wide expansion would spur many more trade shows to bridge the gap between demand and supply. “But this Expo, the first B2B trade show in India, has set the benchmark for all future trade shows in the country,” he said.

It was organised by PDA-HaB Media and Tradefairs Pvt. Ltd., a joint venture company of PDA Trade Fairs (Bangalore, India) and Health and Beauty Group (Karlsruhe, Germany).

The venture also publishes bodyLIFE (Indian edition) magazine, the first in the country to address the business community of owners and managers of fitness facilities, trainers, the real estate, hospitality and entertainment sectors, educational and research bodies in health care, and potential investors in the industry.

The three-day event attracted more than 2,500 unique footfalls, comprising mainly of gym and health club owners, fitness facility managers and trainers. Among the visitors over three days were representative of fitness studios and equipment manufacturers from Japan, Iran, Germany, the US, Australia, Hungary, Hong Kong, Italy, Liechtenstein, Spain and Taiwan.

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Many brands

There was also substantive representation from the sports nutrition, equipment manufacturing and real estate sectors. All of this was unequivocally appreciated by the 79 exhibitors, representing and displaying more than 50 brands, spread over 2,754 square metres (gross) of space.

Among the brands that featured at the Expo were Adidas, Aerofit, Amerec, Big Protein, Bodycraft, Bodysolid, Cardio Fitness, Ecore, Everlast, Endurance, Fit and Spa Solutions, Freemotion, GDYNS Health Care, Gym80, Hammer Strength, Hardcore Fitness, Helo, Influx Healthcare, Ivanko, Matrix, Momentum, Muscle Line, NordicTrack, Omtex Healthwear, Pavi Gym and Penco.

Playcore, Power Plate, Powerline, Precor, Premier Rubbers, Proform, Proline Fitness, Real Ryder, Reebok, RIP-60, Sprint Health Care, Stag Fitness, Star Trac, Stramatel, Surfset Fitness, Tomahawk, Tunturi, Viva Fitness, Weslo and Yolo Brands also featured through their respective representatives in India.

The Expo was complemented by a Managers’ Congress and Trainers’ Convention, which also marked the launch of the Indian arm of the Europe-based International Fitness and Aerobics Academy.

Exhibitor impressions

Mr. Nithij Arenja of Trinity HealthTech (Mumbai) congratulated the organisers on “an excellent first show”. He felt there was a steady flow of good and serious potential buyers that visited the Star Trac pavilion. But he added that in future the show must go beyond static display and bring in an element of interactivity.

On bodyLIFE magazine, he appreciated its well-written articles, good layout and well-spread topics. “You also have considerable experience and expertise in this sphere,” he noted, adding that the way forward would be to become increasingly relevant to the needs of the Indian market.

The Managing Director of Mumbai-based Physique India, Mr. Madan Nair, was pleased that the organisers had delivered on their promises and retained the seriousness of the purpose of the show. He wanted gym owners and trainers to attend such shows, to educate themselves about the latest in concepts, techniques and equipment.

On branded-versus-cheap equip -ment,   he noted that the price difference would not exceed 30%. “Will it be worth saving that much money and training your clients on sub-standard machines that increase the risk of injury?” he asked.

Ms. Kajal Tejsinghani, owner of Yolo Brands, could hardly hide her excitement at the response to her stall at the Expo. She and the co-owner, Mr. Deepak Tejsinghani, are launching the Surfset Fitness concept of surf-boarding in gyms across India.

“It was great exposure for us,” she said. “We are planning to introduce Surfset across India in partnerships. You cannot believe the number of serious inquiries we got in this Expo.” It is a fun and innovative way towards full-body training, she insists.

Mr. Sudhir Ramdas, Managing Director of newly-launched Focus Fitness, felt it was an “excellent show for the fitness sector in India”. He noted that in a fast-expanding industry, rack rates and discounts will be a thing of the past. “The industry is fast catching up in awareness and education. In future, it will be product innovation and quality that will count as far as acceptability of fitness equipment is concerned,” he stressed.

Gympac’s Mohan Gupta was all praise for the organisers, but wanted more interactivity, rather than simple equipment display. “With the industry growing, many more trade shows will come up to meet the rising demands of the fitness sector. But this show will be benchmark for all future shows,” fitness sector. But this show will be benchmark for all future shows,” he said.

On bodyLIFE magazine, he was happy that it was now bridging the gap between technology providers and its consumers in the fitness industry. “Such a niche approach was a long-felt need in the country,” he added.

Dr Munir Chandniwala, Director of Influx Group of companies, echoed the need for a B2B magazine that could bridge the gap between available knowledge and its dissemination in the market. “For example, there is a nutrition-exercise-supplement relationship that is not understood,” he said.

His Thane-based nutrition manufacturing factory offers nutritional supplements (minerals, amino acids, protein, nephro-care products, vaso-dilators) that he displayed for the first time in a professionally managed serious B2B trade fair for the fitness industry: and he doesn’t regret the decision to participate.

Visitors’ views

sports nutrition magazine The visitors were an excited gang of enthusiastic people from Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai and Surat to Bhopal, the Mumbai-Pune belt, Nagpur and Jodhpur.
Ms. Sulekha Mahurkar, a gym owner and practising nutritionist for 28 years in Nagpur, was leading a team of seven other women, including a cancer survivor, to the Expo.

Sulekha and her friends were super-happy with the IFAA-India trainers’ convention, where they learnt concepts like Labboocca and Zumba. Said Sulekha, “The magazine is a welcome step in educating the industry, especially in smaller towns, where awareness of the fitness business is minimal.”

Rahul Ganojia and Gomzi Grong, both enthusiastic Zumba trainers, had travelled from Jodhpur and Amritsar

respectively, where they conduct Zumba classes for more than 200 clients each. Rahul felt there is a need for a magazine like bodyLIFE, which not only provided information about training, but also explained concepts and business aspects.

Mr. Leonard Godinho, a martial arts expert and a security consultant in the US, was impressed with the organisation of the Expo. “Even though it is the first time that you have put up this show, I would rank it 7 on a scale of 10. I witnessed a focused audience at this show, and people were constantly asking questions,” he said.

On bodyLIFE magazine, he said it would impress even professionals in California (US), where he relocated a decade ago from Mumbai. “This is the best time for young trainers in India,” he said, “and bodyLIFE will contribute to helping them educate themselves.”

The event advisory committee consisted of the crème-de-la-crème of the Indian fitness industry, including gym owners, international chains, equipment and nutrition suppliers and manufacturers, as also training academies and service providers.

Among them were Talwalkars’ Better Value Fitness Ltd., Cardio Fitness India Ltd., Leena Mogre’s Fitness, K11 Fitness Academy, Snap Fitness, Anytime Fitness, NeuLife, ABS Fitness & Wellness Club, Technogym, Trinity HealthTech, Gold’s Gym, Watson Fitness, Elite Fitness, Markez Training and Consulting and Focus Fitness.
The Expo was supported by the Indian Association of Health and Fitness, Indian Spa and Wellness Association, Spa Association of India and Spas of India Association.


The second edition of bodyLIFE Expo will be held in Mumbai between 1 and 3 October, 2015.



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